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Sitting at a computer for long periods is a necessary part of office life for many of us, but can have a detrimental effect on health and wellbeing, with consequences including backache, fatigue, and cardiovascular problems. From a business point of view the cost is reduced productivity and increased absenteeism.

There are many ways to improve matters, and at Ergospan we specialise in bringing more movement into the workplace with height adjustable sit-stand desks which enable you to frequently change between sitting, standing and perching, coupled with active seating which encourages good posture and frequent movement, resulting in significantly increased muscle activity and circulation. Your spine is strengthened as it returns to its support function rather than being inactive. In addition to the physical health benefits, your mood improves and concentration levels increase.

To help you create a happy, healthy and more productive workplace, Ergospan offers a free consultation and also a free 7 day trial of our range of active seating solutions including the innovative Swopper, Muvman and 3Dee seats by Aeris and as well as products by Ongo & Pledge.



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